Black Widow Jacket: Your Ticket to Stardom


If you are desirous of a new and stylish outerwear that has the capability to make you look like a movie star, then look no further than this Black Widow jacket. This is a replica of the outfit worn by Scarlett Johansson, the actress who is the heartthrob of millions of men around the world today. Scarlett wore this beautiful; jacket in the upcoming action movie of the superheroes, Captain America Civil War Black Widow Jacket Not only can you enhance your personality and looks by wearing this fantastic jacket but also surprise everyone as this jacket has yet not been seen by people with the movie going to be released later this year.


Grab this opportunity to look and feel like your favorite celebrity

Before moving ahead, it is a good idea to say a few words about this Black Widow jacket to give you an idea of what we are talking about. It is a beautiful cotton jacket for ladies with large lapel collars and a double breasted design. This jacket is full of eye catching features with the most prominent one being a belt made of cotton along the waist.  Scarlett, who is already a very beautiful and sexy looking damsel, looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous wearing this light brown colored cotton jacket on the screen. Now it is your turn to look stylish and beautiful to hog the limelight in any social gathering or in hangouts with friends.


Features that can catch the attention of everyone

In addition to a belt on the waist, this jacket also has belted cuffs. There are small cotton belts on the cuffs that you can tighten or loosen depending upon your requirements. The jacket boasts of a pleat at the back to provide you comfort while working while you can enhance your feminine curves by tightening the belt on the waist. The jacket has a stand up collar with the feature of a small loop to close the neck. There are loops on both the shoulders to give a very dashing look to you. The use of light colored piping all over the jacket adds to the glamour quitrent of the jacket. This piping can be seen standing vertically at the front on both the sides and also along the sleeves of the jacket. Same pattern has been made at the back of the jacket. Even though this ladies jacket has a color that is considered to be manly by most women, you can rest assured that you will look different and unique from all your friends at a social gathering when wearing this jacket.



Scarlett Johansson today is one of the very few actors from Hollywood who are considered to be intelligent and sharp. Following her in any way possible will help you as you will be perceived as intelligent and smart. This particular outfit carries the same traits fro which Scarlett Johansson has become so popular all over the world. Scarlett has a huge fan following on social media websites and she is a highly respectable figure. By wearing this jacket, you can hope to command respect and be treated like a celebrity in your own right.


Have an edge over others at a social gathering

It is not just to copy your favorite movie star but also to look fashionable and stylish that you should add this beautiful jacket to your wardrobe. It is not just the design of the jacket but the quality of stitching and craftsmanship that can easily turn all eyes upon you when you make an entry in a function or event. This jacket has been lined with viscose on the inside to make sure that you remain comfortable for a long time period wearing this outfit. You will simply love this jacket for the attention it gets you from everyone else at a party.